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Slicker Protective Table Covers and Cushions

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  • Improved Clean Up - Slicker Products are made of a flexible plastic material that is easy for you to clean and sanitize. It is non-porous, and will not absorb fluids. Latex free.
  • Reduced Repairs to Imaging Machines - The flaps on our Slicker Products are designed to prevent fluids from entering inside the scanner. This keeps the machine from breaking down and available for your patients.
  • Reduced Costs - Fewer repairs, and easier cleanups lead to quicker turnaround times between patients for your department - your department runs more efficiently.
  • Slicker side flaps help to protect table rails from stretcher scrapes and scratches
  • Thermo-sealed seams and flaps
  • Easy to install and comfortable for patients 
  • Slicker Table Covers and Cushions are imaging table specific
  • Slicker Table Covers fit over original equipment table pads
  • Slicker Cushions are lined pads permanently welded inside a Slicker Cover
  • Slicker Accessories include Table Skirts and Footswitch Slickers
  • Meets ISO 10993 bio-compatibility requirements
SlickersĀ® are vinyl covers made to fit an existing pad. This solution will either have a hook or loop fastener to attach to the table cradle, or will expose the hook or loop that exists on the pad. Find a cover solution for your table pad.

Slicker Cushions (CT, PET/CT, NM)