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Radiation Detectors

Survey Meters

General Purpose Survey Meters, MicroR Survey Meters, Ion Chamber Survey Meters, Contamination Monitors, Radioactive Seed Detectors
Personal Radiation Detectors

Personal Radiation Detectors are lightweight radiation detectors used for quick and reliable detection of gamma, beta, X-radiation and/or neutron detection.
Radionuclide Identifiers

Radionuclide Identifiers are hand held spectrometers designed to search, identify, analyze, and report detected gamma and/or neutron radioactive materials.
Radiation Area Monitors

Radiation Area Monitors are designed for a wide range of gamma radiation area monitoring applications and are available with audio and visual alarm systems.
Portal and Radioactive Waste Monitors

Portal and Waste Monitors are sensitive gamma radiation detection systems that detect low levels of gamma radiation on personnel or in facility waste.