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Medical Physics/QA

Radiation Oncology

Dose Distribution, In Vivo Dosimetry, Beam Quality Assurance, Electrometers and Detectors, Phantoms, QA Test Tools, TLD Materials and Supplies
Diagnostic Radiology

Multi-parameter X-Ray Test Devices, kVp Meters, Exposure Meters, QA Test Tools and Phantoms for radiology, mammography, fluoroscopy, and CT.

Accreditation Phantoms, QA Phantoms, Dose Phantoms, Density Phantoms, Alignment Phantoms
Nuclear Medicine

SPECT/PET Phantoms, NEMA Phantoms, Bar Phantoms, Fillable Flood Source Phantoms, and Thyroid Neck Phantoms

MRI 3D Geometry Phantom, 3D Slice Thickness Phantom, Surface Coil Phantom, Uniformity/ Linearity Phantom,and more.

Ultrasound Multi-Purpose Phantoms, Resolution Phantoms, Dual Attenuation Phantoms, Gray Scale Phantoms and more.
Dental QA

Pro-Dent Set, Pro-Dent CT, Pro-Dent CT mk II, and Pro-Dent CT 161