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Nuclear Medicine

Radioactive Sources

Co-57 Flood Sources, Dose Calibrator Vial Sources, Rod and Disk Sources, PET and SPECT Line Sources, Multi-Modal Markers, Spot Markers, Pen Point Markers and Radioactive Rulers.
Dose Calibrators and Accessories

Dose Calibrators, Dippers and Well Inserts, Linearity Test Kits, Chamber Shielding, Remote Displays, and Dose Calibrator Printers.
Hot Lab Packages

Hot Lab Packages for Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology, PET Imaging, and Alpha Emitter Radiotherapy.
Wipe Test Counters and Accessories

CAPRAC Wipe Test Counters, Atomlab Wipe Test Counters, Rod Sources, Wipe Test Smears, Test Tubes, Test Tube Racks, and Disposable Well Liners.
Thyroid Uptake Systems and Accessories

Atomlab Thyroid Uptake Systems, CAPTUS Thyroid Uptake Systems, Thyroid Neck Phantom, Calibration Rod Sources, and Calibration Disk Sources.
Lung Ventilation Systems and Supplies

Radioaerosol Systems, Xenon Delivery Systems, Radioaerosol Kits, Xenon Kits, Masks, and Tubing, Drierite and Soda Lime, Xenon Monitors
Nuclear Medicine Dose Preparation

Forceps, Vial Shields, Hot Plates, Heated Preparation Vial Shield, Chromatography Kits, Aluminum Breakthrough Kits, and Radiopharmacy Core Kits.
Nuclear Medicine Shielding and Storage

Table Top L-Shields, Lead-Lined Sharps Shields, Shielded Waste Containers, Lead Bricks, Lead Caves, Lead-Lined Cabinets, USP 797 Dispensing Hoods
Syringe Shields and Injection Accessories

Syringe Shields, Syringe Carriers, Syringes and Needles, Injection Chairs, Syringe Shield Storage, Syringe Recapper, Vein Locator, Gloves.
Patient Positioning

Arm Supports, Neck Supports for Thyroid Imaging, Head Supports, Foam Positioners, Knee Bolsters, Sandbags, Positioning Straps
Imaging Room Accessories

Patient Transfer Boards, Step Stools, IV Stands, Table Pads, Computer Accessories, Imaging Chairs,and Utility Carts.
Radiation Detectors

General & Micro R Survey Meters, Ion Chamber Survey Meters, Personal Radiation Detectors, Radionuclide Identifiers, Area Radiation Monitors, Portal/Waste Monitors.

Support Products for Lu-177 Lutathera, I-131 Azedra, Ra-223 and other radionuclides used in cancer treatment.
Hand Held Gamma Cameras

CrystalCam, a hand held, high performance gamma camera, provides unequaled levels of precision, usability and comfort.
Nuclear Cardiology

Stress Testing Systems, Cardiac Trigger Monitors, ECG Accessories, Vital Signs Monitors, Blood Pressure Monitors, Stethoscopes, Defibrillators, Syringe Pumps, Infusion Sets, and Emergency Carts.
Radiation Decontamination
Decontamination Kits, DeconGel, Radiacwash Decon Solution, Bind-It Decontaminant, Victim Decontamination, Decontamination Stations, Absorbent Paper, Protective Clothing, and Gloves.
Nuclear Medicine Signs and Labels

Radiation Warning Signs, General Warning Signs, Radiation Warning Labels, Radioactive Material Tags, Radioactive Labels.
Nuclear Medicine Quality Assurance

SPECT-PET Phantoms, NEMA Phantoms, Cardiac Phantoms, Bar Phantoms, Thyroid Neck Phantom, and Fillable Flood Phantoms.
For the Nuclear Radiopharmacy

Unit Dose Pigs & Pig Storage Racks, Unit Dose Pig Shipping Bags, PET Shipping Systems, Zevalin Shipping Containers, and Bexxar Shipping Systems.
Support Equipment and Furniture

Injection Chairs, Injection Stands, Step Stools, IV Stands, Infusion Pump Stands, Instrument Stands, Utility Carts, and Emergency Carts.
USP 797 Compliance for Nuclear Medicine

Dose Dispensing Hoods, Portable Shielded Isolators, Biological Safety Cabinets, Cleanroom Accessories, Tacky Mats, and Absorbent Paper.
Surgical Probes
Surgical Probes provide precise detection and localization of radiopharmaceuticals during intraoperative surgical procedures such as sentinel lymph node mapping.
Personal Radiation Protection

Radiation Barriers/Shields, Lead Aprons,Skirts and Vests, Protective Blankets, Lead Thyroid Collars, Demi Lead Aprons, and Shielded Windows.