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Personal Rad Detectors

EPD Electronic Personal Radiation Dosimeters

EPD Electronic Personal Radiation Dosimeters measure gamma, beta, X-radiation, or neutrons, are battery operated, and have an easy-to-read display with a loud audible alarm.
RadEye Personal Radiation Detectors

RadEye Personal Radiation Detectors are light weight, handheld radiation monitors that can be used as a search and survey tool. Includes audio, visual, and vibrating alarms.
AccuRad™ PRD

A discreet yet robust PRD designed to detect nuclear and radioactive materials. It provides dose measurement and alarming capabilities for event response.
DMC Personal Radiation Dosimeters
DMC Personal Radiation Dosimeters measure dose and dose rate of x-ray and gamma radiation or real time gamma and neutron dose and dose rate. Audible and visual alarms.
RAD-60 Personal Radiation Dosimeter

The RAD-60 Personal Radiation Dosimeter has a digital display for integrated dose or dose rate, user selectable alarm levels, and a high impact plastic case.
UltraRadiac™ Plus Personal Radiation Monitor

The UltraRadiac Plus Personal Radiation Monitor measures and displays dose rate and total dose and is designed to meet the needs of first responders.
EagleEYE Personal Radiation Detector

The EagleEYE Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) couples a detector with unmatched sensitivity and a user-friendly display and interface.
RADIAGEM™ 2000 Personal Portable Dose Rate and Survey Meter
The Radiagem features excellent ergonomics such as easy handling, large custom LCD display, semi-log bargraph, average digital reading, and visual and audible alarms.
Sentry EC Personal Dosimeter and Rate Meter

The Sentry EC Personal Dosimeter and Rate Meter measures x-ray and gamma radiation and records data for tracking accumulated exposure.
Bleeper III Personal Radiation Monitor
The Bleeper III is a simple, convenient instrument for alerting personnel to the presence of radiation. It operates continuously and provides a clear, audible indication of dose rates.
Direct Reading Personal Radiation Dosimeters

The analog Direct Reading Personal Radiation Dosimeters provide an accurate and instantaneous indication of accumulated exposure.