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SteriTatt Tattoo Device

SteriTatt Tattoo Cartridge
SteriTatt Tattoo CartridgeSteriTatt Tattoo Ink DropperUV Light
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  • Sterile, non-toxic, low-allergy ink
  • Neat and easy to use
  • Supports precision of treatment
  • Single-use for patient safety
  • Standardizes the tattooing method
SteriTatt® is a single-use device that contains sterile, non-toxic, permanent black ink. Each SteriTatt® device contains low-allergy ink that is safety-sealed and gamma irradiated to guarantee sterility for the highest quality of patient care.

SteriTatt’s® pen-like design offers ease and comfort of use and helps standardize the methods therapists employ to administer tattoo markings. The ink flow is easily regulated so too much ink will not be dispersed.

SteriTatt® can be used two different ways: it can be applied to a prepared site using the “dropping method”, or a hypodermic needle can be attached to the SteriTatt® unit so the ink can be injected under the patient’s skin.  Needles not included. 25/box.

The SteriTatt® Tattoo Ink Dropper contains 3 cc of sterile black ink. 10/Box.

The UV light is sealed with "O" Rings on both ends making it water resistance.  It has a shock resistant hard anodized finish and is made of high quality 6061T CNC aluminum.  The lens is water and scratch resistant. Color:  Black; 1.2" W x 1.1" H x 5.2" L (3.06 x 2.8 x 79.38 cm); 3.2 oz (90.7 g) without batteries; Two Lithium Batteries (included.)

468-100 SteriTatt Tattoo Cartridge, Black, 25/box
468-1022 SteriTatt Tattoo Cartridge, UV Pink, 5/box
468-1002 SteriTatt Tattoo Cartridge, UV White, 5/box
468-105  SteriTatt Tattoo Ink Dropper, Black, 10/box
468-120 Ultraviolet Light