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The Pro-NM SPECT BASIC Kit is a versatile set of phantoms and software for carrying out tests according to NEMA standard on SPECT devices.

‍‍Standard kit configuration:
‍It can be used to evaluate, for example:
  • Center-of-rotation error
  • Non-uniformity artifacts
  • Changes of radius-of-rotation on spatial resolution
  • Reconstruction filters on spatial resolution
  • Attenuation and scatter compensation
  • Evaluate changes of radius-of rotation on spatial resolution
  • Spatial resolution measurement in air and in water
  • Quantitative evaluation of reconstruction filters and scatter compensation method
  • Determination of camera intrinsic resolution
  • Collimator spatial resolution
  • Field size and linearity
  • Uniformity of response
Product features:
  • Complies with NEMA Standards Publication (NU 1-2001) Performance Measurements of Scintillation Cameras, AAPM Report No. 9 - Computer Aided Scintillation Camera Acceptance Testing, AAPM Report No. 22 - Rotating Scintillation Camera SPECT Acceptance Testing and Quality Control, ACR–SNM  (Res. 5 – 2011) technical standard for diagnostic procedures using radiopharmaceuticals
  • CE certified
  • Manual provides detailed guidelines for carrying out each test, results assessment and registration

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