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Ivy 7810 Cardiac/Respiratory Gate

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Item Number: 7810

The Model 7810 is Ivy Biomedical System’s newest product introduction providing dual (cardiac and respiratory) gating functionality used in applications requiring precision ECG R-wave and respiratory cycle synchronization for gating host systems on and off. It can be used for cardiovascular diagnostic imaging studies as well as thoracic diagnostic imaging studies, particularly in SPECT, PET or PET/CT applications. The Model 7810 incorporates an intuitive, menu-driven, touch-screen user interface, simplifying operation for clinicians and technicians.

Acquiring reliable and consistent ECG triggers can often be a challenging task, and selecting the right ECG vector can be problematic. The Model 7810 uses a 4-lead ECG configuration in order to provide automatic lead selection capability. This feature monitors each ECG vector simultaneously, and automatically selects the best ECG lead for triggering, thereby delivering reliable triggering even under challenging or changing patient conditions. Red markers on the ECG and RESP waveforms indicate when and where triggering occurred for visual verification and assurance. In addition, an electrode impedance measurement function enables quick verification of proper electrode/skin preparation prior to patient scans.

Key Features
The Model 7810 offers a large 8” diagonal color TFT with dual waveform (ECG & RESP) display, ECG simulator, electrode impedance check, pneumatic respiratory sensor input, X-ray on signal input, ECG waveform export, Ethernet and RS-232 communication interface, multiple factory configured trigger output pulse width and amplitude options, optional integrated strip chart recorder, optional roll stand mount, and more.

Motion Artifact Reduction
Respiratory motion artifacts can be reduced during thoracic imaging scans with the use of the Model 7810 pneumatic bellows for monitoring chest and abdominal movement, and providing respiratory trigger pulses at predefined intervals/limits in the patient’s respiratory cycle.

System Integration
Several system integration features are provided to enable streamlined and automated operation including ECG and RESP waveform output to both the gantry display and operator’s console, X-ray on signal input for waveform file capture for each patient scan, and Ethernet communication for remote command and control.

Precision Performance
The Model 7810 offers an ECG trigger pulse output performance with less than 2ms of delay, and ±75µs of dither (accuracy), ensuring consistent and reliable triggering.

Regulatory & Compliance
All Ivy Biomedical products comply with global standards for safety, EMC, quality management, and environmental requirements.

*GE camera users must purchase this product directly through GE.