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FH 40 G Survey Meters

Price: $1,250.00
Item Number: 4254002-U

The image above represents a new FH 40 G Survey Meter. The USED FH 40 G Survey Meter is in VERY GOOD condition and may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intendedThis product does not include any additional external probes, which can be purchased separately.

This USED FH 40 G is a versatile multipurpose meter and area monitor that can be used with external detectors for portable and remote area monitoring applications.
  • Rugged, waterproof and reliable with very simple operation.
  • Gamma meter with internal proportional counter tube.
  • Integrated gamma dose rate measurements.
  • Interface for one optional, external plug and play probe.
  • Alarm thresholds for the internal detector and external probes of the FH 40 G are monitored simultaneously.
  • Upon connection of an external plug and play probe, the probe parameters are automatically read into the FH 40 G and the correct parameters are set.
  • High voltage generation inside the plug and play probe makes the system calibration independent of cable length.
  • Separate alarms can be set by the user for both the internal and external detectors.
  • Operational internal proportional detector and connected external detector.
  • Serial infrared interface.
  • Type tested by PTB (German version).
  • Type tested for use by German fire brigades.
  • Simultaneous operation of internal and external detectors, both dose rate and remote dose rate readings.
  • Configuration and data read out via PC.
  • Waterproof (IP 67) and shock resistant.
  • ADF mode (Advanced Digital Filter).
  • Clear, backlit LCD display.
  • Datalogging capability.
  • Internal diagnostics ensure proper functioning of the detector(s) and the electronics.
  • Designed to record up to 256 data points containing measurement number, date, time and dose rate at the internal detector and external detector, status, and optional barcode information.
  • Wide range of plug and play external probes for monitoring and detection.
  • All FH 40 G versions and external probes containing the "-10" suffix are designed to meet the energy response behavior of the new SI-units ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate according to ICRU 39.
Short summary of optional plug and play probes:
  • Gamma dose rate measurement: FHT 192 (ionization chamber), FHZ 632 (proportional counter), FHZ 612 (wide range), FHZ 302/312 (under water nuclear power).
  • Gamma search probes: FHZ 502, 503, 512 (NaJ/BGO).
  • Contamination: FHZ 742 (Scintillator), FHZ 732 (Pancake/proportional counter), FHZ 382 (Scintillator + Alpha/Beta discriminator via LED indication if alphas are present).
  • Artificial radiation discrimination: NBR probe FHZ 672.
  • Preamplifiers for various classic probes.
  • Wide range of accessories like cables, telepoles, application specific kits, etc.
With the exception of the display instrument FH 40 G-X, all FH 40 G versions incorporate an energy-filtered proportional detector - no external probe or cable are required for gamma dose rate measurements. The internal proportional detector is always operational while an external detector is connected. The external probes utilized with either model of FH 40 G are "smart" with the calibration parameters loaded automatically with a change of probes. Additional information includes alarm settings(s), audio speaker, battery voltage, external probe parameters, date and time and many user-selectable functions.
The FH 40 G models are designed to record up to 256 data points containing measurement number, date, time and dose rate at the internal detector and external detector, status, and barcode information. The stored values can be read directly from the LCD, accessed at any time and can also be processed and transferred for archiving to a PC via the FH 40 G serial interface. All settings can be accessed and the data analysis can be done, using an optional Windows™ -based PC-software.
FH 40 G Digital Survey Meters Product Brochure