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FastTrack Fibre Gamma Portal Monitors

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  • Automated: monitors operate seamlessly without the need for "supervising" HP personnel
  • Fast: a single "walk-through" is adequate to clear a worker for exit
  • Smart: background fluctuations and nearby (uncounted) sources are automatically filtered from measurements
  • Accurate: "Wait-in" mode allows precision measurements
  • Convenient: measurements are logged for later retrieval, maintenance and calibration is quick and easy, configurations can be automatically loaded for easy replication
  • Self-diagnostic: monitors continually check themselves for detector damage, power issues, background fluctuations, etc.
Gamma portal monitors provide convenient, automated and rapid scanning of people. Nuclear facilities, event venues, emergency teams, government buildings, and other critical infrastructure utilize portal monitors for entry and exit control of radioactive and nuclear materials. They allow continuous scanning of large numbers of pedestrians with accuracy and efficiency.

The FastTrack-Fibre™ sets a new standard for gamma portal monitors by combining state-of-the-art Mirion GammaFibre™ detectors with the novel FastTrack technology. This allows an outstanding performance with a virtually zero false alarm rate, even in challenging background conditions.

FastTrack-S FastTrack-Fibre™ Standard to check personnel for gamma emitting sources at the site boundaries of nuclear facilities.
FastTrack-O FastTrack-Fibre™ Outdoor as weatherproof version for a reliable and straightforward radioactivity control at major events.
FastTrack-M FastTrack-Fibre™ Mobile as mobile weatherproof monitor construction which can quickly be set up by 2 people at any location required.