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Falcon Area Monitor

Price: Call JRT for Pricing

  • 1 uR/hr to 100 mR/hr Range
  • Large CsI Detector with PMT
  • Mesh Network Enabled
  • Battery Backup Operation
  • Multiple Configuration Options
    • Enclosure Color
    • Display
    • Extended Detection Range - 50 R/hr
    • Weatherproof Enclosure
FALCON Area Monitors employ small CsI detectors that deliver high sensitivity in a very small package making them ideal for a wide variety of applications. The FALCON Area Monitors are available in several configurations to accommodate the enclosure color, detection range, and outdoor usage. Another option is a color LCD display that not only presents the measurement using very large size characters for easy viewing from a distance, but will additionally provide a log history or other details by simply tapping the touch screen display.

All FALCON area monitors are RADConnect enabled to wirelessly connect via a Mesh type network back to a central PC. Up to 50 FALCONs or other RADConnect devices can communicate bi-directionally across the network using 128-bit encryption protection. All devices can be monitored by a PC on the network or across the internet to any tablet or remote PC. The system delivers real-time and past event logs and will annunciate anytime one of the devices exceeds its preset values. All your FALCON readings can be arranged to display on a floor plan, map, satellite image, or other image of your choosing to provide a real-time overview and status over each location.                        

Specify black or white when ordering.

FALCON-1 Falcon Area Monitor, Standard configuration, no display
FALCON-1LCD Falcon Area Monitor, Standard configuration, with display
FALCON-1EX Falcon Area Monitor, extended detection range, no display
FALCON-1EXLCD Falcon Area Monitor, extended detection range, with display
FALCON-1WEX(NEMA) Falcon Area Monitor, extended detection range, with weatherproof enclosure