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Easy Slide Table Spray for Slickers & Cushions

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Easy Slide Table Spray is a water-based silicone spray used to increase the slickness of table pads and slide boards which will reduce required effort during patient transfer or positioning. Easy Slide is safe for skin contact, non-flammable, and safe for all  plastic and vinyl surfaces. The product will also extend the life of table pads and covers by reducing friction tears.

Easy Slide Table Spray keeps your vinyl table pads slick by leaving behind a light layer of water-based silicone after being sprayed with our convenient pump spray bottles. We recommend spraying your table several times a day or as needed. Keeping your table pads slick not only decreases back strain while transferring  patients but also extends the life of your table pads by reducing stress tears in the material. Our new CT slicker silicone spray is non-flammable, safe for skin contact, and has no smell or fumes! There is no other product on the market that's made to safely lubricate table pads.

Easy Slide Table Spray, (1) 8 oz. bottle
Easy Slide Table Spray, (12) 8 oz. bottle