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Crystal Probe Gamma Probe System

Crystal Probe Gamma Probe System
Crystal Probe Gamma Probe SystemBack of Control UnitDisplayVisualCount SoftwareVisualCount Software
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The user-friendly Crystal Probe Gamma Probe System offers features like the automated probe recognition, nuclide selection, and system check to minimize the risk of operating errors and allow quick setup prior to operation. The clear acoustical sound enables the surgeon to work while visually focused.

The Crystal Probe can be connected via USB to any personal computer or laptop. The optional sophisticated measuring and analysis software “Visual Count” displays the intensity data visually either digital, as bar a chart or as a histogram on the PC monitor. The automation of the Crystal Probe control unit  provides a straightforward operation in combination with superior reliability. 

Crystal Probe Control Unit

The portable Crystal Probe Control Unit serves as the optical and acoustical indication of the detected activity as well as the power supply of the probes. The control unit automatically recognizes an attached probe, calls the optimum operation-settings, and selects the suitable standard nuclide.  Aside from the most frequently used Tc-99m (140 keV), other nuclides such as I-125, Tl-201, Ga-67, In-111, I-131 and PET nuclides can be detected by Crystal Probe. Additional nuclides on request.

Crystal Probe is can be operated both on AC or integrated rechargeable battery, maintaining an uninterrupted operation for more than 13 hours on a fully charged battery. The self-diagnostics of the Crystal Probe provide a detailed QA diagnosis by simply pushing the "System Check" button. Using an optional 57Co test source, stability tests easily can be performed by pushing the "Test" button.

Display Features

The large 5.5 " back-lit display shows all important information to the surgeon:
  • count rate (detected radioactivity in cps - counts per second) by five large digits and as bar-graph
  • count rate max (maximum count rate for previous 30 sec.)
  • connected probe
  • automatically set or manually chosen nuclide
  • power source
  • power management of battery
  • sample time (1 sec or 10 sec)
  • setting of acoustic signal (Melody)
  • "pitch"-setting of audible count rate
The measured activity is also provided acoustically. The optimum correlation between the three eligible acoustic signals and the count rate enables the surgeon to locate the signal maximum without having to avert the gaze from the tissue to be measured. The volume of the acoustic signal is adjustable and can be adapted to the acoustic relations in the operating room.

Sample time can be switched between 1 sec and 10 sec. The Crystal Probe provides two interfaces: An analog output signal can be measured by connecting an oscilloscope at the BNC plug interface. Single pulses can be displayed. This signal also provides the ability to measure the energy spectrum of the detected nuclide via a spectrometre (MCA).  The USB interface provides potential separated transmission of digital information from the probe to a personal computer. Using the optional "Visual Count" software, data can be displayed and processed.

PC-Supported Analysis

The PC-supported analysis of the measurement process is possible with the Windows-compatible  "Visual Count" software.
  • Visualization of the measured activity during the recording as line and bar chart
  • Recording and subsequent processing of the data
  • Export of recorded charts in graphics files, MS Word, MS Excel and text files
  • Annotation of measured values while measuring. Overview of all comments after the measurement
  • Add results and comments to every examination
  • Print all examinations with all of its data
  • Create independent password protected accounts for every doctor
  • Create as many patients per doctor (account) as you like. Patient data and examinations are protected from unauthorized access.
  • Record as many examinations as you like
  • High data integrity by fully automated database management (automatic storing, organizing, encrypting)
  • High reliability through hot-plug-ability: at every time the control unit can get connected or disconnected from the PC - even while measuring
  • The connection is done by an USB-port. The retrofitting of the USB-port is easily possible
If the optional PC-supported data processing over the USB-port is used, the following additional features are provided:
  • The measured values will be shown on the screen of the PC:
    • Digitally in counts per second (cps)
    • Visually by a cps-related bar
    • By a histogram that shows the progression of the measurings
  • Through keyboard or mouse the following parameter can be modified or added:
    • Patient- and examination data
    • Scaling factor
    • Gate time
    • Marking of values that can be commented afterwards
Data collected during the measuring process and the entered patient information / comments is saved along with the current date and time of the system as a file. Subsequent viewing and editing is possible with all standard office application programs.

More than 800 systems have been sold in worldwide!

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