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AM-801 Portable Portal Monitor

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  • Easy Assembly in Minutes
  • Voice Operational Commands
  • Full-color Touch Sensitive Graphics
This Portable Portal monitor assembles simply in under five minutes. It comes with Voice Operational Commands, Full Color Touch Sensitive graphics panel, and Auto Cal for Maximum Sensitivity. The audible and visual alarms meet or exceed FEMA's sensitivity requirements of 1uCi or less Cs-137 detection.

The AM-801, AM-806, FALCON and EagleEYE now operate on the “RADConnect” Mesh Network - an automatic communication network that allows users to monitor a full network of AM-801/AM-806/FALCON/EagleEYE as long as they are in range of a single AM-801, AM-806, FALCON or EagleEYE. Any AM-801, AM-806, FALCON or EagleEYE equipped with “RADConnect” will automatically form an intelligent self-healing mesh network allowing them to be constantly connected to each other as well as to the user network.

AM-80-4 Portable Personnel Portal with 4 SIDE Detectors 
AM-801-5-T Portable Personnel Portal with 4 SIDE Detectors and TOP Detector
AM-801-5-B Portable Personnel Portal with 4 SIDE Detectors and BOTTOM Detector
AM-801-6 Portable Personnel Portal with 4 SIDE Detectors and TOP & BOTTOM Detector