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ACR CT Accreditation Phantom

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  • The only phantom needed to meet American College of Radiology (ACR) accreditation guidelines
  • Versatility permits checking of multiple parameters, efficiently
  • Single phantom permits checking multiple parameters
  • Compact design makes the phantom safe to store and easy to transport
  • Automated software allows for fast and simple reporting of results
The ACR CT Accreditation Phantom 464 is designed to be an integral part of the American College of Radiology (ACR) CT Accreditation Program. The ACR CT Accreditation Phantom can be used for initial QA assessment and routine monthly QA testing to help ensure that patients are receiving the lowest possible CT dose. Solid Water ® construction makes for a convenient, physically stable test device that provides reproducible results over time.

With the CT ACR 464 Phantom, you gain a multi-functional resource for your department. Not only is it essential for compliance, the  phantom includes 4 modules that allow allows the testing of: positioning and alignment; CT number accuracy; slice thickness; low contrast detectability, image resolution; image uniformity; spatial resolution; inter and intra plane distance measurement accuracy; and more.
  • The optional CT ACR 464 Phantom Body Ring extends the diameter of the ACR 464 CT Phantom to represent a human torso. It is 33.0 cm wide, 26.4 cm high, and accommodates the ACR phantom inside. The body ring enables performance testing for larger FOV images.
  • The optional ACR 464 Extension Plates improve the calibrations of widebeam CT and CBCT systems. The water-equivalent extension plates lengthen the phantom in the sup/inf direction to collect scatter from the wide field. This kit comes with two (2) extension plates and an adjustable stand.
  • The optional Low Contrast Detectability Module is a modular expansion to the ACR phantom. It enhances testing of low contrast detectability by using 3 precise contrast levels, and sizes at each contrast level ranging from 1.5 mm to 25 mm. There are multiple objects at each size and contrast (except 25 mm) for robustness vs noise and to test radial dependence. The 464 LCD module can be used with the 464 and/or 464 extension plates. This product includes a 5-year warranty.
  • The optional High-Contrast Resolution Module  features line pairs with resolutions up to 32 lp/cm, all in sizes large enough to be easy to visualize and to be robust for automated analysis.
  • The optional Slice Sensitivity & Geometric Evaluation Module  includes wires, bead ramps, and spherical objects to validate slice thickness, slice sensitivity profile, and system geometry.
  • The optional Uniformity Module measures uniformity and noise, and measures distance and calibrate pixel size using 2 embedded BBs spaced 100 mm apart.
  • Optional ACR 464 Phantom Stand
  • Optional Soft Case for carrying the ACR 464 CT Phantom
  • Optional Soft Case for 464 Phantom, Stand, and Extender Plates
  • Optional Soft Case for Extension Plates and Adjustable Stand for 464 Phantom

804740 ACR CT Accreditation Phantom
805720 Low Contrast Detectability Module
805384 ACR 464 Phantom Body Ring
805558 ACR 464 Phantom Extension Plates
804868 ACR 464 Phantom Stand
804867 Cloth Carrying Case for 464 Phantom
805541 Soft Case for 464 Phantom, Stand, and Extender Plates
805540 Soft Case for Extension Plates and Adjustable Stand for 464 Phantom

Advanced iqModules
Advanced iqModule - High Resolution
Advanced iqModule - Low Contrast
Advanced iqModule - Slice Sensitivity & Geometric Evaluation
Advanced iqModule - Uniformity