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USED Hine-Duley Bar Phantom

Price: $250.00
Item Number: 76-810-USED

The image above represents a new Hine-Duley Bar Phantom. The used 
Hine-Duley Bar Phantom is in GOOD condition and may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended
  • Allows accurate determination of field size  
  • Checks intrinsic, collimator and spatial resolution, using only two scintiphotos  
This Hine-Duley Bar Phantom consists of five groups of  parallel bars, embedded in a 16 x 16 x 0.5  inch plastic holder. The  center group has  eight bars, each 0.16 inch wide, located  between two sets of six 0.19 inch wide bars.  The two outer groups contain six 0.25 inch  bars each.  Spaces between the bars in each group are  equal to the width of the bars. Each set of  bars is 0.5 inch away from the adjacent  group. The two outer groups (0.25 inch bars) are 8.5 inch apart. This arrangement of bars and spaces allows an accurate measure of true field size (by adding the visible 0.25 inch bars and 0.25 inch spaces to the 8.5 inch that  separates them).