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For calibration and repair of your radiation detection instruments

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The Pro-Stand is designed to make focal spot and HVL measuring procedures easy to perform, as well as ensuring accurate results. 
Technical Data (can be modified to customer specifications):
  • Adjustable height from 350 mm to over 600 mm (wide range of magnification)
  • Adjustable horizontal position and vertical angle (optional - for testing mammography systems) of the table top
  • Place in the base for the Pro-Dent positioning stand for accurate positioning of dental RVG detectors
  • Optional add-ons for stand alignment verification – especially useful for measurements on mammography unitsOptional wider arm for Pro-HVL Filters (05-106)
  • Optional heavy duty carrying case with two layer foam inlay (05-105)
  • Complies with IEC 60336:2005 AND IEC 61223-3-1, 2, 4;  CE certified

05-102 Pro-Stand RF - adjustable stand for the Pro-Slit and HVL filters - R/F applications
05-103 Pro-Stand All – adjustable stand for the Pro-Slit and HVL filters with slope adjustment – All applications including MAM
05-104 Pro-Stand ALIGN – alignment verification tools for Pro-Stand
05-105 Pro-Stand Case – plastic case with dedicated foam inlay for the Pro-Stand and accessories
05-106 Pro-Stand HVL – wider arm for Pro-HVL