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MoldCare Cushions

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  • Easily conformable
  • Aides in stabilizing the patient
  • Affords the patient a greater level of comfort
  • Disposable
  • Molds specifically to the patient

  • Available in 6 sizes: 20cm x 15cm, 25cm or 45cm, 60cm x 40cm or 60cm
  • Smaller sizes set in 12-17 minutes; larger sizes set in 15-22 minutes
  • Low specific gravity with CT value of 800 is optimal for CT simulator
Simple to use, MoldCare Cushions allow you to customize each pillow for the comfort of your patient. The single-use MoldCare Cushions have higher reproducibility and comfort to get the best results in treatments. The MoldCare Cushions can be used with any Head Boards. For better reproducibility, the boards have indents so the pillow will fall into the same exact spot every time.
The superior base material (polystyrene beads and hydraulic resin) sets with a small quantity of water, enabling the user to accurately mold the cushion under the patient. Since MoldCare has a low specific gravity (.01) with a CT value less than -800, the device can be used in treatment with a CT simulator. MoldCare is simple to use. Remove the MoldCare from the aluminum package and apply water with a spray bottle evenly across both sides. Then mold around the patient. Once you have your desired position, it takes about five minutes for the mold to set. Size is 20 cm x 25 cm.

MC7001 MOLDCARE Head Cushion, 20cm x 25cm
MC7002 MOLDCARE Trapezoid Head & Shoulder Cushion, 58cm x 65cm
MC7003 MOLDCARE Head Cushion, Small, 20cm x 15cm
MC7004 MOLDCARE Head Cushion, 20cm x 45cm
MC7005 MOLDCARE Cushion, Large, 40cm x 60cm
MC7006 MOLDCARE Cushion, Extra-Large, 60cm x 60cm