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BPM-100 Automated Blood Pressure Monitor

Price: $310.00

This like-new Automated Blood Pressure Monitor is in EXCELLENT condition and may have some slight signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. 

The BpTRU is an automated, oscillometric, noninvasive blood pressure monitor known for its reliability, accuracy, and user-friendliness. The monitor can easily be set on the table top with no mount required, or on the wall with the included wall mount. 

• BpTRU’s measurement capabilities improves clinical management and work flow 
• Mitigates operator variability 
• Studies show the BpTRU “BP Average” is equivalent to the daytime ambulatory blood pressure reading 
• No calibration required during expected life of device 

The BpTRU® is a unique product, intended to assist in the diagnosis of hypertension by automatically taking six consecutive readings, eliminating the first and averaging the remaining five. This protocol decreases the impact of what is known as the “white coat effect,” an increase in blood pressure associated with the presence of a clinician. By eliminating “white coat effect,” clinicians are able to obtain more objective diagnostic patient information. 

Once the device is activated, the doctor or nurse leaves the room, thus ensuring a calmer environment for the patient. The efficacy of the BpTRU® has been verified by numerous clinical studies. The BpTRU® also can be used for single measurements.