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Bind-It Patient Care Pack

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Item Number: LTIHCPUS

The only product proven safe and effective to remove radioactive iodine contamination from your home following I-131 treatment. Used by hundreds of hospitals for keeping nuclear medicine departments free of radioactive contamination. Bind-It™ Hand Soap is used routinely by technicians to ensure they remove all trace amounts of radioactivity from their skin.

The Bind-It Patient Care Pack comes complete with everything needed for  1-2 weeks of use, depending on the size of the isolation area. Included in the package is:
  • 2 bottles of  8 fl. ounce bottles of Hand Soap
  • 1 bottle of 32 fl. ounce Ready-To-Use Spray
  • 1  bottle of  8 fl. ounce bottle of Concentrate
Your hands will become contaminated as you perspire, use the washroom and touch already contaminated objects. You need to wash your hands frequently.  The 8 ounce size will accommodate many hand washings over the course of your post treatment period.  Further, Bind-It Hand Soap can also be used in the shower for additional safety.
Bind-It Spray is ready to use on your bathroom sink, bathtub/shower and floor.  The high power spray head helps to soak the surface with Bind-It allowing it to go to work pulling the radioactive iodine off of almost any surface and locking it in solution so it can be safely wiped away.
The Concentrate provides you with the maximum flexibility.  It is ideal for cleaning the toilet bowl (the largest typical point of contamination), sink, bathtub/shower and for soaking laundry and bed sheets.  The concentrate can also be used to refill the ready-to-use spray bottle.
These items will provide the flexibility to clean most surfaces in your home that become contaminated.  Detailed instructions for use are included with all orders.  These instructions are also very helpful in detailing many of the surfaces around your home which will need cleaning.  Iodine is a very reactive element that can migrate into some very unlikely spots – even attaching to dust particles or becoming airborne.  Proper use of Bind-It can minimize second hand exposure to family.