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Bind-It Patient Care Pack

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Item Number: LTIHCPUS

It is a well known fact that patients kept in hospital isolation contaminate the room. From the washroom to the sleeping area. Sinks to television remote controls. If not removed, it can take up to 90 days + before background levels are achieved.

What can a patient do in their own home? Soap and water don’t work well. Most household cleaners don’t work well. Further, most patients don’t know much about radioactivity and contamination. Many think using bleach to “kill” it is the best thing to do. As anyone trained in radiation safety knows, bleach only makes the problem worse by causing the I131 to volatilize and spread further.

This becomes a problem once the patient’s isolation period ends. With widespread contamination across the washroom and bedroom, spouses and children entering the area are now exposed by direct contact with the contamination. The chance for internal uptake becomes quite high - especially for children.

Bind-It Patient Care Packs allow patients to safely and effectively minimize and remove contamination from their isolation areas. The detailed instructions present easy to follow guidelines to help the patient minimize and remove contamination. Bind-It Patient Care Packs provide peace of mind to the patients, because it reduces their worry. They know they have a tool specifically designed to remove contamination. They rest easier because they know these products work.

The Bind-It Patient Care Pack comes complete with everything needed for  1-2 weeks of use, depending on the size of the isolation area. Included in the package is:
  • 2 bottles of  8 fl. ounce bottles of Hand Soap
  • 1 bottle of 32 fl. ounce Ready-To-Use Spray
  • 1  bottle of  8 fl. ounce bottle of Concentrate