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AttenuRad Pediatric Breast Shield

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Studies have indicated that infants and children are as much as 10 times more susceptible to carcinogenesis from radiation than adults. Breast tissue exposed to radiation from CT procedures involving the chest or abdomen is an area of particular concern for young females.

The AttenuRad CT Breast Shield System provides significant in-plane breast shielding (57%) for pediatric MDCT, without qualitative or quantitative changes in the CT image.

The use of the system's offset foam base gives the shields additional substance and durability, making them easy to use. The use of the elevating foam also decreases the patient's exposure to scattered radiation.

All Pediatric Breast Shields come with .635cm foam offset. Additional offset foam available.

AR14X5  AttenuRad Pediatric CT Breast Shield,  Neonate, 10/pkg. 
AR24X6 AttenuRad Pediatric CT Breast Shield, 1 yr old, 8/pkg. 
AR28X8  AttenuRad Pediatric CT Breast Shield, 5 yr old, 6/pkg
AR33X10  AttenuRad Pediatric CT Breast Shield, 10 yr old, 4/pkg.